1. Soul Delicious

From the recording "The Blue Album"

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Soul Delicious

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(R. Bouslaugh, N. Allen)
Susan Riley Brown - Lead Vocals
Nikolas Allen - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Ryan Bouslaugh - Bass, Guitars, Backing Vocals
Robb Davenport - Drums
Patti Miller - Backing Vocals
Monica Harle - Keyboards


"Soul Delicious" by Ryan Bouslaugh

Meet me out on the dance floor
Take me where we both want to go
Find the magic in the moment moment
Spin this fire into gold

Out among the beautiful people
Wild music and hands in the air
Worry ‘bout tomorrow tomorrow
But tonight we’ve not a care

Flashing lights and dazzling riches
Electrified and soul delicious

You look at me with a hunger
And I look at you with desire
Let the moment make its promises
And sing like angels in a choir

We want to roll in the same direction
Sometimes it feels that we’re miles apart
Sometimes it feels that the clouds are breaking Like the chains around my heart

That’s the place I keep my wishes
Locked away and soul delicious

Wishing upon a midnight star
Wishing upon a midnight star
Wishes come true at midnight
People got the soul, people got the soul

My appetite is for the finest things in life
Feel the caress against my skin
Sipping life like French champagne
Living in the moment, drink it in

But when it comes down to what is real
What keeps my soul alive
It’s your love and our time together
And through this crazy world we will survive

You are one of my favorite dishes
Wrapped in passion, soul delicious

People got the soul, people got the soul, people got the soul.....